As a growing body of African journalists continue reporting on the technology and business sectors, we want to showcase and celebrate these individuals. Wimbart’s African Media Spotlight will feature a writer or publisher each month who is communicating Africa’s stories with the vigour and insight that they deserve, bringing them out from behind the pen and shining the light on their skills and perspectives.

Oluwatomisin Amokeoja, Forbes Africa

In our interview with Oluwatomisin Amokeoja, Multimedia journalist (West Africa) at Forbes Africa, he sheds light on his journey into journalism, revealing how he stumbled into the field and grew to love it. He further delves into detail on this […]

Waihiga Mwaura, BBC

Renowned BBC Africa Business journalist, Waihiga Mwaura, discusses the power and importance of nuanced African journalism and how it can effect change  What led you into journalism, and what would you be doing if you weren’t a journalist? A passion […]

Oluwanifemi Kolawole, Techpoint Africa

In our discussion with Oluwanifemi Kolawole, Senior Editor at Techpoint Africa, she unveiled her unforeseen path into journalism, driven by the pursuit of livelihood and a deep-rooted passion for storytelling, sharing stories that not only captivate but also impart meaningful […]

Jeremiah Ajayi, BenjaminDada

Celebrating the power of African voices, this week’s spotlight is on Jeremiah Ajayi, Anchor of ‘The Investors Corner’ at Benjamin Dada. Jeremiah shares his captivating journey and how his passion for storytelling has intricately shaped his role as a prominent voice in […]

Tomi Oladipo, DW News

Tomi Oladipo, Journalist & Media Consultant for DW News shares his story of how he got into journalism after developing a great passion for all things media and embarking on an internship at the BBC. Read the full interview with […]

Ganiu Oloruntade, TechCabal

Stories about startups and their business models on the continent continue to be told for Africans, by Africans. This is especially true for Ganiu Oloruntade, Reporter at TechCabal who shares with us how important it is to own our narratives. […]

Simeon Onoja, Business Elites Africa

Journalists have the potential to effect real-world change with their written narratives. This is specifically identified by Simeon Onoja, Content Strategist for Business Elites Africa who spoke to us about his deep affection and craft for storytelling, as well as […]

Kenneth Igbomor, CNBC Africa

As an African, owning the narrative of various stories continues to speak for the huge potential of the continent. This week, we feature Kenneth Igbomor, Market Editor for CNBC Africa, a consumer news and business channel, who shares how the […]

Charissa Cassels, INC Africa

We spoke with Charissa Cassels, from Inc.Africa about her journey to becoming a writer. Her early days as a poet and participating in essay competitions naturally led her to the world of storytelling. Charissa believes that the craft of writing […]

Alexis Akwagyiram, Semafor Africa

Our spotlight for this week is on Alexis Akwagyiram, Managing Editor for Semafor Africa. His desire for a creative outlet, write and travel, and experience of writing for his student newspaper had prepared him to step into the world of […]

Olumuyiwa Olowogboyega, TechCabal

This week, we shine our spotlight on Olumuyiwa Olowogboyega, Newsroom Editor for TechCabal and the writer of his own substack publication Notadeepdive. Muyiwa shared that growing up in a household environment obsessed with consuming news had a big part to […]

Samuel Gebre, Bloomberg

Samuel Gebre, News Reporter for Bloomberg shares his story of how he got into journalism after working as a mechanical engineer, to deciding to take a five-month travel break to re-evaluate his aspirations.. Read the full interview with Samuel below […]

Peter Oluka, TechEconomy

We spoke with Peter Oluka, Editor of TechEconomy who revealed his passion for fact-finding, ideas and events, being able to express these interests through writing. This love has ultimately led him to pursue his career to become an accomplished journalist.   […]

Frank Eleanya, BusinessDay

This week we are shining our spotlight on Frank Eleanya, Technology and Media Editor, at BusinessDay. Frank shared how his love for reading novels, and his father’s love for telling stories eventually lead him to start his career writing stories.  […]

Tolulope Adeleru-Balogun, News Central TV

Our spotlight this week is on Tolulope Adeleru-Balogun, Head of Programmes at News Central TV who took the time to speak with Wimbart about her unintended journey into journalism. Where her initial obsession with the legal sector led her to […]

Emmanuel Tjiya, Sowetan S Mag

We spoke with Emmanuel Tjiya, who shares his encouraging story of how the path of journalism was always in his calling – most especially in magazines and fashion, where he spent a lot of his weekly allowance growing up.  Today, […]

Joseph-Albert Kuuire, Tech Nova

We caught up with Joseph-Albert Kuuire, Founder and Editor of Tech Nova who shared his love for spotlighting events in technology, writing about Microsoft and Apple products in his early days of journalism. This then took a turn once he […]

Katja Hamilton, BizCommunity

This week’s spotlight takes us to South African-based Finance and Healthcare editor, Katja Hamilton of BizCommunity. She speaks about how her inquisitive nature as a child led her school teacher to point her in the direction of journalism. It was […]

Dare Afolabi, Techbuild Africa

Dare Afolabi, Content Development Lead at Techbuild Africa, recently spoke with Wimbart about how his love for writing began in his school years and how the world should be aware of the solutions that Africans are developing. What led you […]

Charles Gitonga, BBC

We spoke with Charles Gitonga, a senior reporter for business in Africa for the BBC. Charles developed an interest for journalism whilst still a young child due to his regular exposure to radio. His pursuit of a career in broadcasting […]

Brian George, NTV Kenya – Nation Media Group

The focus of this week’s spotlight takes us to Kenya-based broadcast journalist, Brian George from NTV Kenya. Brian emphasises the contributions made by youth in the Kenyan tech space. Moreover, he thinks that people are not being reached by tech […]

Russell Southwood, Balancing Act Africa

In our spotlight this week, we feature Russell Southwood, CEO of Balancing Act Africa and author of Africa 2.0 – Inside a Continent’s Communications Revolution, a book about sub-Saharan Africa’s communications revolution. He speaks about the growth of tech on […]

Oheneba Ama Nti Osei, PYMNTS

This week, we speak to Oheneba Ama Nti Osei, Managing Editor, PYMNTS EMEA. Oheneba takes us through her journey into journalism, her passion for compelling stories and harnessing the power of empathy in storytelling. What led you into journalism, and […]

Benjamin Dada

We caught up with media entrepreneur, Benjamin Dada who was one of the first journalists to have founded a self-titled platform in a time where substack’s were not as popular as they are today. He also speaks about how his […]

Ruth Olurounbi, Bloomberg

This week, we spoke to Ruth Olurounbi, Government and Economy Reporter of Bloomberg who shares how a collection of experiences from childhood and her desire to help people through storytelling, led her to where she is in journalism today. What […]

Henry Nzekwe, WeeTracker

In our spotlight this week is Henry Nzekwe, Tech journalist and Assistant Editor of Weetracker who shares his journey from listening to foreign news programmes/talk shows on TV and radio as a child to his freelance writing gigs before finally […]

Jacqueline Mahugu, Standard Group

What led you into journalism and what would you be doing if you weren’t a journalist? I got into journalism because I always loved stories – reading and writing them – as evidenced by my decision to study English and […]

Ciku Kimeria, Quartz Africa

Never has it been more important to own the stories of African brilliance and innovation in the world media. In our spotlight this week is Ciku Kimeria, Africa Editor, Quartz Africa, who shares her journey from consulting to her accidental […]

Abraham Augustine, TechCabal

This week we feature Abraham Augustine, Senior Writer at TechCabal. Abe speaks about his journey into journalism which began with his love of writing poetry and fiction, before landing his first opportunity in tech and development journalism. What led you […]

Juliana Olayinka, Channels TV

In our latest conversation with a leading journalist focussed on telling stories of African innovation, broadcaster Juliana Olayinka, from ChannelsTV, explains how her childhood love of reading and curiosity about storytelling led her into journalism. She also tells us about […]

Victor Oluwole, Business Insider Africa

This week we feature Victor Oluwole, Head and Editor at Business Insider Africa. Victor talks about his journey into journalism, the importance of audience engagement and why everyone wants a piece of the African pie. What led you into the […]

Ogheneruemu Oneyibo, TechPoint Africa

This week we feature Ogheneruemu Oneyibo, Reporter at TechPoint Africa, whose innate curiosity led her into journalism and the art of masterful storytelling. Ogheneruemu sees writing as an art with the power to help shift a more empowered narrative of […]

Tom Jackson, Disrupt Africa

In our latest edition of Wimbart’s African Media Spotlight series, we feature Tom Jackson, Co-founder of Disrupt Africa, an online newsletter for all news and information regarding Africa’s tech startup, investment and ecosystem. He tells us about his early fascination […]

Lehlé Baldé, Businessday Weekender Nigeria

This week we feature Lehlé Baldé , Editor of BusinessDay Weekender which is the weekend publication for BusinessDay – a daily business newspaper based in Lagos. It has both daily and weekend titles circulating in Nigeria and Ghana. She tells […]

Justin Norman, The Flip

This week we feature Justin Norman, Founder of The Flip – a podcast and newsletter exploring contextually relevant insights from entrepreneurs changing the status quo in Africa. Justin tells us how he was inspired to start his podcast, the sectors […]

Uche Okoronkwo, CGTN

This week we feature Uche Okoronkwo, Anchor at CGTN Africa. She talks about the dangers of a single African story, why she loves tech and how the continent’s dynamic culture leads to great storytelling opportunities. What led you into the […]

Tage Kene-Okafor, TechCrunch

For our third edition of our African Media Spotlight series we spoke to Tage Kene-Okafor, Reporter at TechCrunch. He talks about how he would be a founder if he wasn’t a journalist, why fintech is still grabbing his attention and […]

Sam Wakoba, TechMoran

Our second Wimbart African Media Spotlight features Sam Wakoba, Founder and CEO of Techmoran. The series brings writers and publishers out from behind the pen to shine a light on their skills and perspectives of the African tech and business […]

Koromone Koroye, TechCabal

As a growing body of African journalists continue reporting on the technology and business sectors, we want to showcase and celebrate these individuals. Wimbart’s African Media Spotlight will feature a writer or publisher each month who is communicating Africa’s stories […]