Why We All Need to be Digital

We know this isn’t news to you. We live in a digital era; our phones have artificial intelligence, our kids are watch more YouTube than television. You can even watch YouTube on your television! The internet has revolutionised the world we live in. This has obviously resulted in a surge of technology companies but it is essential that even smaller and more traditional businesses get involved. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should tweet your every move, but recognise that a little digital investment or social media activity will take you a long way.



You should be the leading authority on your brand and that starts with a good website. The first action taken when someone wants to learn about you and your business is to do an online search. You don’t want them to find others’ opinions on what you do. To keep things simple and professional, start with a good LinkedIn profile and website. Your website could be as simple as one page detailing what you do, what you offer and who’s behind the brilliance. Websites like WordPress, Wix and GoDaddy guide you and provide the tools for you to build your own website in very little time for very little money. For something as simple as a blog, it could even be free!

Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are an eternal networking event that you can log in and out of whenever you please. We know how powerful networking can be but realistically, not everyone has time to regularly attend such events. These two social networks allow you to join conversations, make connections through mutual contacts and grow your network from there. As they say, your network is your net worth.


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So already we’ve done some reputation management and met that investor you’ve been trying to reach for months with two simple digital solutions. Like everything in life, you get what you put in. The more effort you put into managing your online presence, the more it will result in your success. What we want to stress is that amongst the hustle and bustle of growing your business, don’t neglect the digital side of things.

Whatever you choose to do online, do it well, even if that requires employing someone to monitor that or taking an online class yourself. This is the new normal; to stay relevant we need to be on board.

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