Funke Akindele in London
Jun 21, 2016
Maria Adediran
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Wimbart’s Tour with Funke Akindele

Last week at Wimbart was a different one. Jess and I abandoned our B2B PR hats for more consumer ones. Global brand ambassador for irokoWorld and Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, came to London to promote the brand across the UK.

This took me back to the days when I worked for Nollywood broadcaster, iROKOtv as their PR & Content officer (just in case you didn’t know, Jess was my manager at the time) and I spent all day, every day fully ensconced in all things Nollywood.

The media rounds are what stood out to me the most. Wimbart secured an interview with BBC World News – Focus on Africa and took Funke to Broadcasting House. It was my very first time stepping into Broadcasting House so was naturally excited when I saw the famous news desk. I got to see how the sit down interviews were filmed – glad I had the opportunity to witness that.

Next appearance was with pan-African TV station, Voxafrica UK at Battersea Studio. Funke was greeted with screams of joy – no exaggerations here! The guys at Vox absolutely loved Funke and everyone brought out their smartphones to capture the moment.

Finally, we stopped by at newly rebranded radio station, The Beat London 103.6FM with the Afrohits Crew – this was my favourite one. Not only did the Afrohits crew surprise Funke and I by having rapper Falz – who is her co-star in TV series Jenifa’s Diary – on the show, Funke and Falz graced listeners by transforming into their hilarious characters, Jenifa and Sege.

AfrohitsWimbart’s efforts last week was a success and this was evident at the red-carpet event, ‘An Evening with Funke Akindele’. It was great to see all of Funke’s fans come out and support the star and celebrate Nollywood on irokoWorld. However, the night also meant that my residency at celebritydom was over – I guess this is what Nelly Furtado meant when she sang ‘All good things come to an end’.

I’ve finally recovered from my busy week and am now back sitting on a desk opposite Jess. I had lots of fun on tour with Funke, but I’m glad to be back working on all things tech and corporate.


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