Landing a job in African Tech PR as a Graduate: What to Expect and Where it will Lead You

We’ve always been laser focussed in terms of cultivating and nurturing talent here at Wimbart. In our latest blog post, read how Nouran ElRefaei started her comms career at Wimbart [and how she secured her first promotion].

Applying for jobs in London is a nightmare of a process, anybody would agree. At the end of the day, finding a job in such a big and vibrant city with opportunities like no other, cannot come free of competition. As I found myself in a pool of tens of thousands of people from different backgrounds trying to start a life in the UK, I felt an overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty.

Having worked in PR for a year in my home country, Egypt, I had my heart set on building up a career in the same sector. But I wondered, how do I stand out from the crowd? And how do I decide which opportunities are worth pursuing? I remember half-heartedly applying to different Account Executive roles or similar roles in PR, until I came across an ad by Wimbart, an African-focused PR agency that specialises in working with tech companies and startups across the continent. While I did not have any expertise in the tech sector, I was very intrigued by the idea of doing work that serves my African roots, while living and working in the city of my dreams. 

I applied for the job and was surprised to receive a swift answer to my application. This usually isn’t very common in London, especially for someone like me – an international masters student breaking into their career journey, who will eventually require sponsorship. An initial call with Jessica Hope, Wimbart Founder and CEO, ignited a spark in me as I – for the first time in what seemed like a very frustrating process – felt like the person interviewing me had a great deal of interest in actually investing in me in return for the work and value I was willing to provide them with. With every step of the interview process, I was blown away with a strong sense of support and genuine understanding of my needs as well as what I can bring to the table. I remember thinking during our third and final interview, this is a place where I will be able to learn and grow as an individual, not just as an employee. The thought of stepping into such a specialised agency was nerve-wracking to be honest, as I knew I would have a lot of learning to do. However, the brief discussions I had with Wimbart’s Account Directors during the interview, reassured me that I would be receiving the support I needed, so that I would be able to deliver the quality of work I knew I was hired for.

Fast forward to January 2024, I found myself celebrating my MA graduation in International Relations (with Distinction) as well as a promotion to Senior Account Executive at Wimbart. Had anyone told me last May that just in a couple of months, the fear I had about juggling a part time job while writing a master’s thesis would be translated into this, I never would’ve believed them. In such a small period of time, I’ve taken on more responsibilities at Wimbart than I ever had in more than a year of work experience in the same industry. The anxiety I had about starting out in a fairly unfamiliar ecosystem to me, was replaced with great confidence, as I found support in every team member I worked closely with. Working alongside passionate founders and clients who are truly driving a change in Africa has also been one of the joys about working in Wimbart. The list of benefits to join Wimbart is long, but if I had to pick one selling point, I would say that at Wimbart, not only is your individuality celebrated and valued, but you can expect the effort you put into your work to be invested right back into you.

I consider myself very lucky to have started my working life in London here at Wimbart and look forward to continuing to grow and learn at the company that chose to believe in me. 

By Nouran ElRefaei