CcHUB and iHub

Wimbart worked with tech innovation centres CcHUB and iHub to launch their augmented reality (AR) art exhibition “Nyota” (which means star in Swahili). The landmark exhibition took place in Nairobi,  Kenya, showcasing and celebrating 24 of Africa’s technology pioneers including the likes of Jason Njoku, Funke Opeke and Tomi Dee. Wimbart worked with the CcHUB team to create the campaign and event plan, ensuring that key members of the Kenyan press attended the unveiling, alongside a number of the featured tech leaders. 


The event and exhibition were covered in leading Kenyan, Nigerian and Pan-African media outlets such as Business Insider, Tech Trends KE, Africa Business Communities, and more. Online and broadcast interview coverage was also secured following the event. Wimbart also masterminded the creation of Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s very own AR illustration, which was presented to him during his visit to the CcHUB offices in Lagos, the week after Nyota’s official launch.


[Photos courtesy of CcHUB]